Sales roles primed for Saudi women

According to a Saudi official, there are 15,000 jobs for women in over 5,000 confectionary shops across the Kingdom.

Faiz Hammadah, head of the committee for bakeries at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, went on the record with Okaz/Saudi Gazette earlier this month to talk about the job opportunities for Saudi women today in the sector.

Job opportunities abound for Saudi women, but gender stereotypes prove a barrier for them entering work deemed too ‘difficult’.

“Investors have opened up jobs for Saudi women as saleswomen and workers at these shops,” he said. This doesn’t mean that entering these roles comes without its own set of obstacles, he added. Saudi women now have the right to drive in the Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean they have ready access to the 10,000 jobs in driving and distribution in the baked goods sector.

Investors are still reluctant to appoint women as distribution representatives under the assumption that these are ‘difficult jobs’ for women, according to Hammadah.

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